Lancôme launched the New Advanced Génifique Serum.

Lancôme has been known in the beauty world for many products. One of them that is notably known is Lancôme’s Génifique Serum. This bottle contains precious drops for your skin has been sold more than 25 million bottles worldwide with 197 Recognized Awards in the Beauty world.  After 15 years of research, Lancôme recently updated its Génifique formula with more advanced technology.

DSC02648In Main Atrium of Grand Indonesia Mall yesterday, they officially launched the new Advanced Génifique Serum. We tried first hand on the new formula of Génifique serum. With thick consistency, one pump is enough for your full face. It’s absorbed right away with no distinct perfume. We also played some games around the area that are super fun and engaging. We also learn more about this new Advance Génifique.


What’s different from this new version of Génifique is that now their formula is using Micro Biome Science to make better and stronger serum for your skin. Use the serum 2 times a day for maximum result, and after 1 week you could already tell the difference on the skin. More smooth and soft on your touch with a healthy glow. All of this because of one drop of Génifique Serum contains millions of Microbiome that improved your skin. You could wear it directly or mixed it with your foundation to provide more hydration to the skin.

DSC02656-01Essentially, we have good microorganisms in our skin called Microbiome. The balanced Microbiome is a key to have healthy and beautiful skin. That way, your skin would easily absorb good nutrients from your regular skincare. This also allows you to have youthful-looking skin!

LRM_EXPORT_7180911106841_20191003_124557592In this special event, you could check your skin conditions and consulted with their expertise to help you find the right skincare routine for you. Not only that, you could also take cute photos at their unique installation until the 6th of October. All of this free and totally would help you know your skin need better. And they got a special deal for you if you’re interested to try their products, which you may not want to miss this chance.

DSC02627All and all, it was super fun to see the new Génifique with Lancôme ID and Beauty Journal. Visit their Instagram and Website to know more about products, useful beauty news and tips. Visit my Instagram Story Highlight to see more about yesterday’s event. See you in another post.

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  1. ahh ternyata udah tayang aj nih event reviewnya, yang pasti acaranya seru dan juga hepi bisa nyobain langsung produknya disana ya


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