(REVIEW) Trying the New L’Oréal Elseve Extraordinary Hair Oil

If you’re a regular here, you must be known what type my hair is. To be completely honest, they are quite dry even before I dyed my hair, especially at the ends. So after I dyed, or to be exact bleach, my hair, I used a couple of haircare product to keep it moisturize and healthy. Oil based haircare sure works well, but sometimes my hair will easily get oily after applying the products.

Recently, one of L’Oréal team sends me their new hair oil. It’s called L’Oréal Elseve Extraordinary Oil. This hair oil is apparently Japan number 1 Hair Oil that is infused with 6 kinds of flower extract oils. A couple of my friends have tried this product before (with different variant) and have nothing but good things to say. So naturally, I have a very positive expectation before trying the product.

For your information, this Elseve hair oil is suitable for all hair types and is infused with a blend of Lotus, Tiare, Rose, Flax, Chamomile, and Sunflower oils. You only need to apply a few drops (according to your hair length and thickness) into your hair before shampooing, drying, and styling your hair.

This is the instant result from applying a few drops of L’Oréal Elseve Extraordinary Oil to my hair. I think we can all agree that my hair looks less frizzy and smoother after. It’s not greasy at all, and my hair feels and smells great. I usually applying hair oil before styling my hair because styling tool’s heat often not only taking moisture from hair, but also potentially damaging hair health. That’s why it’s important to use hair oil or any heat protector product before styling your hair to protect it in the long run.

They recommending using hair oil before shampoo so it could nourish your hair before washing it, before drying so it could protect your hair from heat while make it smoother, before styling so it could help detangled the hair while help maintain the styling. They also give tips on using their hair oil on daily basis. Like using it before sleep the night before, so you could have a much smoother hair for the next day.

In conclusion, I’m pretty satisfied with the result. My hair feels light and soft, especially on the tips even after styling. Usually they get pretty dry, but it still moist and have some shines. The hair’s texture feels and look healthy without the greasy feeling. Absolutely loving it!

If you’re interested on purchasing or find out more about the product, you could shop them here.


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Thankyou so much for L’Oréall team for sending me this product. Find the on instagram for more info on their product! Talk to ya soon.


Elvina Samantha

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