Getting Healthy Glowing Skin with AQUA Reflections and Sociolla

Glowing glass-like skin have been a goals to a lot of individuals, including myself! Thats why for someone with a dry skin type like me, its important to use proper skincare that help gives and keep moisture between the skins barriers. But having a good skincare routine are not enough because you still need to properly hydrate yourself from drinking good quality water.

AQUA Reflections X Sociolla Campaign

Did you know why it quintessential to drink more than 2 liters of water everyday? It doesnt just affected the skin on the surface, but also in the deeper layers where the skin could get more elastic, prevent wrinkle and rough skin texture. You could get better results by consuming high quality water with balanced minerals that comes from natural sources like AQUA Reflections.

Special edition, AQUA Reflections X Sociolla

Thats why in this collaboration, Sociolla and AQUA Reflections delivers the message “Hydration All The Way, Inside and Outside” by combining good skincare products with best quality water. The AQUA Reflections water bottles comes with special edition design. Its decorated with the iconic “Pretty Things Inside” in red and The Batik Kawung Print that resembles XOXO sign and have beautiful meaning (Heart that is Pure). There’s also some special QR code on the bottles that will grant you a Rp. 25.000 e-voucher on SOCO that you could use before 31th of december 2021. Sounds good, huh? Wait till you see the skincare products inside this collaboration package.

Ariul’s Micellar Water

First, we have Smooth & Pure Micellar Water from Ariul. Its so gentle and light on the skin while it cleanse your face from dirt and leftover makeups. With 6.5 Ph, the micellar water would protects your skin and also keep it nicely moisturize.

Klorane’s Body lotion

Second, we have Fleur de Cupuacu Ultra Nourishing Body Lotion from Klorane. This body lotion not only moisturizing the skin, its also nourishing it with organic Cupuacu Butter extract for 24 hours. Its also free of harmful ingredients like Paraben, MIT, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, BHT and EDTA.

AHC’s Cleansing Foam

Next, there’s Hyaluronic Cleansing Foam from AHC that clean your face from excess dirt and residue completely, without leaving you with a thight and dry skin afterwards. It is formulated with micro Hyaluronic Acid and Moringa Seed that maintain your skin feeling healthy.

Sukin’s Hydrating Mist

After that, There’s Hydrating Mist Toner from Sukin that is suitable to all skin type. Its not only makes the skin dewy, it also refreshing and calming ! The spray bottle makes it easy to apply the product anywhere!

Mediheal’s Mask

Lastly, we have N.M.F. AQUAring Ampoule Mask EX from Mediheal. This mask is highly moisturizing the skin with plenty essence that could take care your pore and sebum problem. Have using this one for a couple of times, and indeed it works like magic on my dry skin.

The combination of good skincare routine and high quality water would resolve your skin hydration problem! If you are interested on getting yourself a box of AQUA Reflections X Sociolla box, you could get them via this link & also you could find them in all of Sociolla Offline stores! Also do tell which product do you use to take care and moisturize your skin. Until next time darling !


Elvina Samantha

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