Getting Healthy Glowing Skin with AQUA Reflections and Sociolla

Glowing glass-like skin have been a goals to a lot of individuals, including myself! Thats why for someone with a dry skin type like me, its important to use proper skincare that help gives and keep moisture between the skins barriers. But having a good skincare routine are not enough because you still need to... Continue Reading →

A Quarter of Century Note

As the clock strikes twelve, and the world move on to another earth’s rotation, so does my age moved to another number. Born in ‘95, makes the year of 2020 my 25th Birthday. So you know, congratulations are in order lol. You know what every year, as I get older, gets more complicated. There’s no... Continue Reading →

Hello, it’s me.

It’s been a while guys. Sorry for haven’t be able to post things on the blog. For a couple of months, I just feels like dont want to write a new blogpost here. Many things happen during these 4 months. But my blog has always been a home for my thoughts no matter how long... Continue Reading →

Clozette Lunch Gathering Bersama Hanamasa!

Hanamasa merupakan nama yang tidak asing untuk restaurant all you can eat yang sudah lama ada di Indonesia dengan harga makanan yang bersaing. Dengan 28 cabang restaurantnya di seluruh Indonesia, Hanamasa sudah lama menjadi bagian dari banyak acara bersama keluarga di Indonesia. Inovasi terus dilakukan oleh  restaurant yang berdiri sejak tahun 1987, makanan yang disediakan... Continue Reading →

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