Getting Healthy Glowing Skin with AQUA Reflections and Sociolla

Glowing glass-like skin have been a goals to a lot of individuals, including myself! Thats why for someone with a dry skin type like me, its important to use proper skincare that help gives and keep moisture between the skins barriers. But having a good skincare routine are not enough because you still need to... Continue Reading →

Trying Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

Hi loves! A couple of weeks ago, Kiehls send me some product that are one of the best seller product to brighten and faded your dark spot. Kiehls brightening series “Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution” The serum is called “Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution” and it has some interesting ingredients like white birch and peonies... Continue Reading →

[Sponsored] Review on Raiku Beauty Brightening Series !

Hi loves. Jadi hari ini saya akan mereview skincare local baru yang menarik sekali. Produk ini merupakan produk yang dibuat untuk wanita Indonesia dengan berbagai jenis kulit dan kebutuhan. Yup, this time I’m going to review Raiku Beauty Products. Jujur sewaktu masih remaja, saya kurang perhatian terhadap skincare. Padahal pengetahuan tentang skincare itu penting sekali,... Continue Reading →

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