A Quarter of Century Note

As the clock strikes twelve, and the world move on to another earth’s rotation, so does my age moved to another number. Born in ‘95, makes the year of 2020 my 25th Birthday. So you know, congratulations are in order lol. You know what every year, as I get older, gets more complicated. There’s no... Continue Reading →

I Chopped My Hair and I Loved it !

Hi loves! Probably one of the major changes that you see this year are my hair. It used to be longer because for more than 3 years, I had long hair. But did you know that I don’t always had a long hair ? So, when I was younger, my hair is always short. It... Continue Reading →

Hello, it’s me.

It’s been a while guys. Sorry for haven’t be able to post things on the blog. For a couple of months, I just feels like dont want to write a new blogpost here. Many things happen during these 4 months. But my blog has always been a home for my thoughts no matter how long... Continue Reading →

[Thought Post] The Untold Words

Hi loves! So recently, I have an emotional experience where I just bursting into tears. It happens when I’m going to MACAN Museum. This place are a modern art gallery that every then and now are showing a couple artist with various subject from Indonesia and abroad. I’m going to talk more about the exhibition... Continue Reading →

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