Trying Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

Hi loves! A couple of weeks ago, Kiehls send me some product that are one of the best seller product to brighten and faded your dark spot.

Kiehls brightening series “Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution”

The serum is called “Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution” and it has some interesting ingredients like white birch and peonies extract. White Birch extract have abilities to hydrate and nourish the skin so you have an even glow acroos your face. While Peonies extracts have been traditionally used in eastern medicine for centuries and able to be a natural antioxidant to prevent some the damage from oxidation.

Another main ingredients of this product are called Activated C. Its is believed to help decrease the dark spot and prevent new discoloration on skin.


You guys know this right? That I have a very dry skin. Sometimes some products can’t hydrate my skin completely so my face feels really tight and tense. But this CCDS skin care series that Kiehls send me in travel and sample size are able to throw my worries. My skin was fully covered with enough hydration and the usual redness on some spot are calmed down. The product doesn’t use too much fragrance so it is comfortable to use.

They say you can see the difference after only 1-2 weeks of using the series. And this is my personal result after 5 days of using the product.

Before and After Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

My skin definitely looks brighter and some dark spots looks fading which is really nice and show how the products works.

Kiehls sample size.

If you’re interested on trying this product, Kiehls will sending you some sample size for free ! You just need to open this link , , to get them send you some! Love the product and want them in travel size ? Just update the progress after using the product in instastory, instagram feed and reviewed it on the website ! For the first 100 person, Kiehls will send you the brightening series in travel size like mine for free ! Its only until 30th of April 2020 though, so you need to be quick to seize the prize!


Elvina Samantha

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