Pixy ColorInvention : Up To Date with New Pretty Shades and Packaging

Hi loves! I am back with another beauty news for you.

5For any beauty enthusiast out there, all of them must be known pixy cosmetics. They have been around since the 80s and throughout the decades they have been evolving with the latest beauty trends. After their rebranding last year, in 2019 they’re back with newer and edgier shades that are perfect for young Indonesian out here.


With the Face of 2019 campaign, Mikha Tambayong and Art Collaborator, Diela Maharani, Pixy talks about their latest product. Now they have several new products and repackaged stuff with many new shades. They’re Pixy’s Eyeliner, Line & Shadow, and Lip Cream.

For Mikha Tambayong, the one product that she must have is the lip cream. With pretty color, she felt the lip cream are not dry and quite long lasting. As for Diela Maharani, she agreed because she felt that lip cream have so many different use that you could utilize, like for blush and eye shadow. Both of them favorites Pixy Lip cream in urban berry.

12Another exciting moment during the event are the unboxing moment and challenges they given us ! From Flatlay and water coloring our pouch. So much fun to get creative making things with Pixy’s !

tasyapixyAfter the lunch gathering, we were able to watch Tasya Farasya Tutorial at Jakarta X beauty Main Stage. In this tutorial, she’s used all of Pixy Products that she loved. She shares some bronzer technique,  the application of line & shadow too.  Not only had that, she shared some tips to recreate the makeup to the audience. Some audience also ask question about the product as the demo proceed.

The review.

6My makeup skill is at best  average, so I always need product that is easy to use and with minimal effort produce good result. That’s one of the reasons I’m interested with their line and shadow product. It’s quite pigmented and gives some nice shimmer. After wearing some of them this past week, I could confirm that the colors are last quite long.

3I also tried the lip cream in Urban Berry shade on myself this week. The bright pink shade is super suitable for summer vacation. There also uptown peach and warm pink, shades that are also suitable for your summer makeup.

For the eyeliner, I see the thin line eyeliner as a good product to me who is still a novice at eyeliner game. There are two types of eyeliner product, which is slim matte liner and pen liner. I have to say, I love some precise eyeliner to make some line.

Well, if you’re interested trying the newest and hottest product for PIXY cosmetics, you could see more through this link or their Instagram page ! Thankyou so much for Beauty Journal and PIXY for having me!



Elvina Samantha

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