The Relaunch of Bio-Essence

Some of you might know or at least heard about Bio-essence brand. Not only they are one of most recommended skincare brand, but they are just re-launching their brand last Thursday. On 25th July 2019, at Greyhound Café Grand Indonesia, I am was invited to attend Bio-essence relaunch event that Introduce the New Logo also Bio Energy Complex formula as their latest New Innovation.

Bio Energy Complex is Bio Essence’s proprietary formula that boosts the skin’s ability to repair, renew, and replenish itself. Bio essence had 5 different series of skincare that covering many skin conditions that many of Indonesians women had. For example, Bio White skincare series for brighten your skin. Bio Water for moisturize and hydrating your skin. Bio Bounce for more smooth and youthful skin.

The event is fun and helpful of learning more about the brand. Not only we could ask more about Bio-essence through their expert, we could try firsthand the product on site. The event gets even more fun after we get divided into different teams and play creative games. Most of them are DIY where we as a team make something together. From painting, making cards, and frosting cupcakes. The fun didn’t end there! After that we open the Box on our table to find mostly empty space and IDR 1.000.000 Shopping Voucher from Guardians where we could pick and shop our most wanted items from Bio Essence.
The Review.
Most of the things that I picked are from the series of Bio Water. Yeah, you guess it right! It’s because my skin are really dry and Bio Water skin soothing bio ingredient are what I think would be perfect for me. From these series, I picked 3 things.

The first one is Bio Water Energizing water. This product is a spray in product that moisturizes your skin. It also could be used as priming water for before or after makeup. It makes your makeup more long lasting and not cracking on your dry skin. The Bottles are pretty big for travel, that’s why they had a smaller bottle that is more travel-friendly. After trying it first hand, I could confirm that this product makes your makeup more long lasting. Not a single crack from morning to night. The spraying particle is nice and smooth and light on the skin.

The second one is Miracle Bio Water Soothing Cleanser. I have wanted a second cleanser to do double cleanse on my makeup for so long, but afraid that the double cleanse would make my skin even drier. That’s why I’m all on board to try this product as soon as I could to. I apply it after my first cleansing with wet hands. The result is good too. After the rinse, I felt my skin light and refreshed. Definitely a good product because they also have an anti-acne and oil control formula.

The last thing is Bio Water Moist-in Water Lotion. I have always tried to use toner that complements my skin type, so I’m really curious about this product. The texture are a little bit thick, and I doesn’t smell any perfume smell which is telling that this product doesn’t added unnecessary fragrant to the product. Even though the texture is a little bit thick, the toner is quickly absorbed to my skin and leaves no sticky aftermath.
Overall, the Bio Water series complement my skin impressively. And after a few days, I don’t see any problem that may be cause of the products. Not only that, the fact that they’re comes with many series that suitable for all skin types are showing to a great extent how they trying to cater all skin needs.

I am quite recommending this product to anyone who wants to try it because of their active ingredients; this product doesn’t cause any breakout.
That’s all for my review, hope it helps you to decide what skincare you want to try.

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