It’s Officially here ! The Grand Launching of Ariul’s Mask in Indonesia.

Korean Sheet mask are one of the easiest skincare items you could get these days. But not every product is safe for your skin. Last Wednesday, I attend The Grand Launching of Ariul’s product in Indonesia. Held by Beauty Journal, The events start from noon to evening.  The events are decorated with bright tropical theme with yellow as the prominent color.


Ariul comes from 2 Korean words, Ari and Ul. Ariul’s 7days masks are made with natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals and paraben that might irritates your sensitive skin. And not only that, they are safe to use on a daily basis. With 7 variants, you could try all of their different variants in one week with several of purpose. For example, lemon is for soothing and brightening. Choose what are ingredients that will improve your skin. These masks are so in demand that there is a mask sold every 8 seconds!


Their brand ambassador, Patricia Devina and Billy Davidson spoke up about what things that they most loved from the sheets mask. For Patricia, it was so easy as a skin care product that you could carry on your travel. For Billy, its complement his sensitive skin greatly.

After we had an informative and qna session, we got into activities of making mock tails with bartender from Moto-Moto Restaurant. After that, we played some games in moto-moto museum area. There is several ariul’s installation for cute photo spots in a bunch of instagramable spot inside of the museum. It was so much fun to play and takes abundance of shots around moto-moto warehouse.

The Review.


I have tried a bunch of sheet masks before because they are one of the most convenient ways to care for your skin. I loved that these face mask are safe to use every day, showing that their natural ingredients will works wonder to your skin even you wear it on the daily basis. The 7 variants give you more option to choose something that is compatible with your skin conditions. For example, I have a quiet, if not extremely, dry skin. Therefore, I choose Bamboo Water that moisturizes my skin and keep it hydrated.

The essence is quite thick but the fragrant are quite subtle. Often times, sheet mask’s essence could be quite pungent in smell. But not with this one, so it’s actually quite nice. The Ariul’s sheet mask are stick and stay quite nicely on the face even when you are standing straight while working on another task. This is a plus thing in convenient area. The hole for eyes, nose and mouth are just right in not being too big or too small.

After the face mask are removed, I seriously could feel how hydrated my skin felt. Bouncy and not sticky at all. And another thing that you maybe love are this mask comes with a lot of essence (essence nya ga pelit sama sekali!), so if you want to, you could store and use all the leftover essence in a jar. Overall, I loved the result and not even a little sign of itchy or redness in my skin. It’s soothing and I think it’s really makes my skin better.

If you are interested in trying these masks, you could click this link to shop them via Sociolla. There’s also a nice discount on them now, so get yours quickly!

That’s all for today !


Elvina Samantha

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