Sunny Matte Sunday with L’Oreal Paris and Beauty Journal

Last Sunday, I spend my morning enjoying Car Free Day activities with L’Oreal Paris and Beauty Journal. Applying sunscreen are crucial when you lived in sunny city like Jakarta. In Sunny Matte Sunday event, we tried firsthand L’Oreal newest product which is UV Perfect Matte & Fresh Long UV SPF 50 / PA ++++ Sunscreen.

The sunscreen texture is smooth and so easy to blend on skin. The oil free formula and advance oil control UV protector, you will get a matte finish on your skin after applying makeup, with no additional white residue. The price is so on point too, you could get this product for only 99k on Sociolla.

Our main activities are pound fit with Tyna Kanna Mirdad. This is my first time doing pound fit work out so I’m really excited to try it! The routines are simple with a pair of drumstick and even more fun because the coach and the music selection are excellent. After doing around a 20 minutes workout, we cool down our muscles and engaged in QnA with Tyna Kanna Mirdad and people from L’Oreal Paris Indonesia.

In this qna, we learned that sunscreen is a must to protect our skin from harmful sunrays. Even when you are not in the outdoors, you still get exposed to UV lights that travel indoors. Maybe you couldn’t see it now because your skin looked fine, but in years’ time, your skin will look terrible if you didn’t take care of it enough. One of the examples of what sunrays could do to you is the skin of this truck driver.

In one side it may looked quite okay, but if you looked the other side that get exposed to sunshine on daily basis for years, you will for sure shudder at the possibility of irresponsible care could do to your skin.

Kak Tyna advice to reapply your sunscreen every two hours so your skin gets protected throughout the day. Then, the event comes to an end with a group photo. Love the friendly ambiance with fellow participant. Thankyou L’Oreal Paris and Beauty Journal for having us ❤️.

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Elvina Samantha

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