(JFW2019) Muyen: Taking Indonesian Heritage into High Fashion

Another show that catches my attention and saved in my memory is Muyen Fashion show. This is their first collection and they are debuted in Jakarta fashion week runway. With 48 looks in total, for this particular collection, they take traditional fabric from Sumatra, which is Songket, and make it into piece that rich in details and glamorous.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

The show is divided into 3 groups. The first one is designed for younger adults with more cheerful color and trendy design that are suitable for younger generation.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019
OCTOBER 22: A model walks the runway of MUYEN presenting SWARNADWIPA Spring/Summer 2019 collection during the Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 in Senayan City, Jakarta.

The latter collection is designed for more adult women with more dark color like burgundy and maroon and more classic silhouette.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

Each look is beautifully represented with handmade accessories. Perhaps the head accessories are one of things that standout. With Chinese influenced head piece (I think) and an up do, the models look like a stunning goddess on the runway.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

With beautiful fabric and intricate details that consist of beads and embroidery, the collection is looking nothing less than gorgeous. The feminine silhouette and rich texture making each piece enchanting and dazzling with glamorous glow.

Definitely a splendid one! Can’t wait to see more of Muyen in the future.


Elvina Samantha

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