(REVIEW) Shopping Experience with TheFThing

Good Day Loves! In Today post, I want to talk about The F Thing. The F Thing is fashion and lifestyle ecommerce that focused on the fusion fashion forward the traditional and new. Checkout their Instagram for more cool fashion and lifestyle content ( @thefthingworld ). With ClozetteID, I’m going to review my experienced shopping my favorites fashion piece from The F thing website.

Shopping Experience


I have to say, TheFThing have a really easy to access and straight forward website. As I open TheFthing.com, I get their latest promotion that I definitely wouldn’t want to miss, like this up to 70% discount. If I looking for more a style than an exact thing, they have a fashion highlights like street style or layering style and to help me find what I want next in my closets.

As millenials, What I love the most about online shopping are the abundance choices that I have ranging from brands to style in a single click. And The F Thing got me on that. I have so many clothes option from many local (Avgal, Common Wear, BelCorpo, Anja the label) and international brand (3CE duh) that I really like, and I get to shop all of them in one go! And you know what; I only need 20-30 minutes to shop and checkout my bags. It’s really easy and takes no time at all , I got to choose the things that I want quick because the website are easy and smooth to navigate with. You could really use the filter system to be specific on what brands or color or size that you want. And if you are having any trouble, there is a livechat customer service that always eager to help. one time, they even message me on Whatsapp to inform my package tracking id.

The Product


Okay, if you know me through my Instagram, you would know what my style is. I didn’t like wearing things that are broke or ruin easily because I like to wear things that I like on long term as part of a sustainable fashion. That’s why I like to purchase something that is good in quality but have an equal good price also. So for today’s review, I choose Carol Black shoes from Watt via TheFThing.com.  It’s been a while I have been eyeing this particular pointy shoes because the design are so sophisticated and chic. The Pointy Shoes and strips pattern makes my legs look longer in appearance; as well making the overall looks more classic and dressy up with a low heels.


Things that I love about the shoes other than the appearance are the adjustable strap on the back. It makes my life so much easier because you could adjust the strap to your preference and size. Not only are those, this shoe so comfortable. I wear it in almost 12 hours for fashion week and I walk and commute a lot with Trans Jakarta Bus and Gojek motorbike. And it doesn’t even scratch or hurt my toes or ankle like any other new shoes.


For this shoe, I wear it with other TheFThing purchased that I made in the past as my outfit for the last day of Jakarta Fashion Week. I’m wearing an asymmetric dress in white with one-shoulder black vest with knots as an accent.  The fabric is comfortable and the silhouette of the dress makes it sways beautifully, creating enough drama as I walk. Even though it’s a white fabric, it’s not transparent or imprints anything that I didn’t like. Really love this combination!


overall, I am beyond satisfied with my experience with TheFThing.com. Great and high quality products of so many brands in one website, making online shopping more easy than ever. Thankyou TheFthing and ClozetteID for letting me reviewed this experience. You guys could learn more about Clozette ID through their Website and Social Media here. Thankyou so much for reading this post, and dont be shy to leave some comments below !


Elvina Samantha

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