(JFW2019) Danjyo Hiyoji X Muklay : Taking The Staple Pattern Pieces with Street Art Twist

On the last show of JFW 2019 day one, Indonesia Fashion Forward presents Bateeq, NY by Novita Yunus and Danjyo Hiyoji. This show is special because all the pieces are going to be styled by Japanese designer and stylist, Makoto Washizu. It’s definitely interesting to see how the Indonesian designer piece being styled with someone who is not from Indonesia. But worry not *spoiler alert*, the designer slash stylist definitely show appreciation by styling every pieces beautifully with such finesse.


This time I’m going to talk about Danjyo Hiyoji fashion show and collection that are titled “Versed”. This particular collection is in collaboration with Muklay, Indonesian Visual Artist that are known for his street art. He is known for making visual images that are quirky, unique, and quite adorable with the street style twist. The fashion show start with a flickering lights and audio saying “You are Unique” that is almost hypnotic. With up and hard beat music, the models walk the runway.

Print and pattern

Nothing says Danjyo Hiyoji like print and pattern. This time, they got plaid and square patterns with white and grey backgrounds. This classic takes on pattern makes the collection has that vintage vibe that are so cool. Moreover, the collection is about the staple and statement pieces like blazer set, shirt and one piece dress. The silhouettes they take are more to baggy and wide shaped.

The art

As i mentioned before, this time the brand are collaborating with Visual Artist named Muklay. The art style is more street and has that graffiti style. With bright neon color and cute character, the art definitely perfect and suited Danjyo Hiyoji overall style. A little bit mischievous and making the trends instead of follow the already there trends.


The styling

From what i heard, all of the styling is done by Japanese designer and stylist, Makoto Washizu as part of his collaboration with IFF. The stylings definitely give more lives to the collection. Like making it more complete, as another piece that completes the puzzle. The thighs sock and sneaker combo are brilliant. But my favorite’s part is the mismatched shoes. Giving the overall clothes combination more quirky and unique.

Overall, i really loved how the show and Collection turn out. I think it very fresh and out of the box in originalities, definitely very Danjyo Hiyoji. Let me know what do you think through the comment section below. Thankyou for stopping by and read my report on the collection. It’s always such a fun experience to come to a fashion week and write on what i love the most.


Elvina Samantha


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