Review : COLAB Dry Shampoo (is it worth it ? )

Hi loves !
Last month, i got a package from Colab dry shampoo. I have been dying to try this babies up since i see them on The Wirdira’s instastories. I have a difficult hair to say the least. My good hair active time are only 2 day, which is the day i washing my hair and the day after. Maybe because i have a quite thick hair, its easily become oily after 2 days, especially on the bangs area. So i hope this dry shampoo could help my situasion so i dont have to wash my hair too often.
So here’s my hair after 2 day after i wash it. It loose its volume and looks just kinda heavy. On the bangs area, the hair are looked kinda clumps into one on each side. Not pretty at all because you could see how stiff and sticky it is.
After i use Colab dry shampoo by sprayed it on my head, my hair get more volume and feels a lot lighter. Not only my oily hair gone, but my hair becomes more fragrant and fresh. The other thing that i love from this dry shampoo is there aren’t any residue left in my hair after i spraying it. Its super easy and convenient for a quick fix before an event.
But, yes there’s but, my bangs are just not having it. So the dry shampoo cant really gives my bangs the best look. Even though, it looked better than before, i still not satisfied with the result on my bangs because it still feels sticky and clumpy. One of my friends suggest i should try to roll my bangs up with hair roller to avoid my bangs get too oily. Will definitely try that in the future.
Thats all for today’s review. I’m really recommend this dry shampoo if you’re having a similar situation like me or just want to try the product because its definitely worth it.
Thankyou for stopping by and read my review. i hope i see you next time too :).
You can get yourself one of these COLAB Dry Shampoo on Sociolla through this link. Get 50k off too by using my code , SBNLAOC1 upon checkout !
SBNLAOC1 - Samantha Mutiara
Elvina Samantha
DISCLAIMER: These reviews are completely objective and based of my experience when I’m wearing the product. The result could be differing based on the individuals or condition one had. All of these products are given to me by the brands as a gift or prize.

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