#WhereToGo : Copper Club, Kelapa gading

Hi loves ! If you follow me on my Instagram, you would know that I’m a sucker for good place. Here in Jakarta, there’s a lot of places that have a good interior design and ambience. Not only their place are cozy, but the place are perfect for the #gram. Recently, I found one place that is just opened close to where I live and not many people know.

What ?
Copper’s Club is the name of this place. They just opened for a month, but because its beautiful place, people from all over kelapa gading started to come here more and more. But on the weekdays, there’s not so many people here. Perfect if you want to chill out with quiet ambience.

Oh, I forgot to mention, they serve a lot of coffee, tea, and non- caffeine beverages. They also served a couple mains and quick bites if you are feeling a little hungry.

What I ordered
I ordered a hot chocolate. It came out with pretty latte art on top. The chocolate flavor was rich and not to sweet.
My sister that accompany me ordered an iced matcha latte. She said she loved the flavor of the green tea and its not too sweet. One thing that I noted is they are using metal straws. I love the idea of environmental friendly tools from this place.
Both of our drinks come out fast and taste delicious. Each one have an agreeable price too.

Why ?
Because a great place needs more exposure. Not a lot of great place with this kind of ambience in kelapa gading, and its remotely close to my house. This place reminds me with that infamous Cafe’s in Bali. So why’s you haven’t come here already ?

Where ?
Here is the info that I got from Google.
Copper Club
Jl. Tarian Timur Raya blok W1, No. 23, Kelapa Gading , Jakarta Utara
+62 8118081168
IG : @copperclub.id

That’s about all that I want to share. If you lived in the area, you shouldn’t missed the chance to visit this place. This recommendation / review is based on my preference and experience. People judgement may different than mine, but that’s how my honest opinion is. See you guys on the next post 😉.

Elvina Samantha

Note : this post are written on my phone, so please just ignores any misspelled or mistakes

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