Massive Reviews : 3 Mascaras from TooFaced, Benefit, and Sarange

Hey loves, in today’s post I want to talk about three mascara that I got pretty recently.  Mascara it’s that simple thing that really makes a different to almost every look. When many opted for fake eyelashes or eyelash extension, mascara is a simple easy everyday way to enhanced you eyelashes game.

In this review, I’m going to review 3 mascaras from 3 brands which are TooFaced, Benefits, and Sarange. They varied in price and result so I think in the end of this review I could help you choose which u needs the best for yourself. Okay, let’s get started!


TooFaced – Better Than Sex Mascara

Price: IDR 382.000

We’re going to start from the infamous one which is TooFaced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara. This mascara is one of the bestselling mascara in states to give those thick lashes to your whole makeup look. With the hourglass shaped brush, you could easily get the mascara coated and separated each of your lashes.


For me, this mascara is indeed the best mascara if you are looking for the voluptuous volume lashes. With this dramatic volume lashes, you get that “false lash effect” without having to put one on your lids. You could go up to 3 coats to get the maximal volume and length & get that define and intense black lashes.

The only concern that I don’t like is the flake the mascara give after applying it for a couple hours. That tiny flake are a nightmare to get off because it doesn’t get off easily because it sticks on your skin and leave a black mark on your under eye are. The formula to volume up the lashes is pretty clumpy too, so the user has to be more cautious and skillful when applying the mascara

Overall I give this mascara a 4/5

Next one!


Benefit – They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara

Price: IDR 370.000 (full sized)

From another high-end mascara, to another. Here we have Benefits cosmetic They’re Real! Mascara. Their mascara supposedly gives “intensely volumising cult formula that creates an amazing false lash effect”. The glossy black mascara coats each lash from root to tip, lengthening and thickening without drying them out. The exclusive brush design uses staggered bristles that capture even the smallest fibers to lift, separate and curl lashes.


For me, this mascara are indeed lengthening my eyelashes quite significantly even though not so much with the volume. The mascara of the formula did my lashes well and coats it evenly without any clump here and there.

The thing that I’m not a fan of are it’s so easy to get smudge. Like after 2 hours, somehow I got the black under eye. Maybe because it’s not really compatible with my eyes condition.

Overall, I give this one a 3.5/5


Sarange – Taraoseyo! or Come with Me! Volume curl Mascara

Price: IDR 189.000

And the last but definitely not least, we have the underdogs, Sarange cosmetics Taraoseyo! Mascara. This Korean brands Mascaras have a formula that not only gives more volume and length to lashes but also moisturize it. Giving you a fleek and more attractive lash.


For me, this one definitely giving me the most natural looks in terms of volume. It lengthening indeed, but doesn’t give much volume. But its waterproof and not easily smudge make it wearable toward the day.

In the end, I give this one 3.5/5

That’s all I could say for my ‘not-so-mini’ review. I have a fantastic time trying these babies up. At the end of the day, you could only choose the products that cater your need better and suited you, so I hope my review could help someone out there that having doubts on which one they should buy. Thank you for reading and I hope you come to my blog again next time.


Elvina Samantha

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are completely objective and based of my experience when I’m wearing the product. The result could be differing based on the individuals or condition one had. All of these products are given to me by the brands as a gift or prize.


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