Event Report – The Launched of Rosé All Day The Realest Lightweight Foundation.

Last Monday, I attended one of Rosé All Day event as they’ve launched their newest product which is the Realest Lightweight Liquid Foundation.

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Initially, I joined an invitations giveaway on their Instagram account so I can attend the launching event. I didn’t won, but the brands dm me on Instagram said that I got an invitation to the event. At first, I was confused because I know I did not won the giveaway so I ask the admin again and they replied that yes, I got an invitation to their events. Maybe more about this story later.

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Rosé All Day is one of local’s makeup brands that are getting so much love for their product. Their duo cheek and lip lipstick is brilliant. Basically you can use this lipstick for your lips and cheeks as a blush. Their color are so pretty and natural, making the beauty enthusiast keep craving for more.

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This day, they are launching their newest product, which is The Realest Lightweight Liquid Foundation. During the press conference, all the co-owner says that they have been trying to make this foundation for a long time. The process to making this foundation takes about 2 years of hard work. As a makeup lover themselves, they want to come up with the best possible product for their customers.

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The Realest Lightweight Foundation has a very natural finish, more dewy than matte but still natural. As their tagline say, “It’s your skin, but better”, the products aim to giving the user more natural look that are long lasting. Yay, for Makeup “No Makeup” look lover. With medium coverage (and buildable), they said this foundation can lasted for 48 hours!

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The newest product of Rosé All day has 4 shades, which are Fair, Light, Beige, and Honey. All of these shades have yellow undertone that are what majority of women in Indonesia have. Its compatible with any types of skin, and because of the pump, you can “customize” this liquid foundation to fit with your need.

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For example, if you have a more dry skin like me, you can mix the foundation with some of your favorite moisturizer. For people who have a lot of activity outdoor, you mix some of your favorite sunblock for extra protection against the sun. The foundation does have some protection for skin from UV; they have a component called Zinc that almost equivalent with SPF 15 plus Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

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Along with the launching, there’s also talk show with beauty blogger, Andra Alodita and beauty demo with beauty vlogger, Abel Cantika. Unfortunately we missed the talk show because we get busy taking picture of the display and the product. But we did catch the next show which is a beauty demo by Abel Cantika. We can also try and shop most of Rosé All Day product in their one day pop-up store.

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The event is lovely. Great place and decoration. They even have a beautiful photo booth in front. But the places that are not too spacious are getting too crowded with so many people that are excited to see the pop-up store. There are some water and light bites here and there, but it’s quickly gone considering how many people there (and its close to or during lunch time). Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed with the event because, a, I feel it’s not as well as organized I expected them to be, and b, even with the invitation, there’s no slight advantage that I feel with people who come without one. But it’s been fun, and hey, you get what you give. Without expectation, give what you truly want out into the world, only then, will you get what is meant for you.


Elvina Samantha

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