[REVIEW] Gastromaquia : Christmass menu and Dining experience

First of all, i want to thanking Clozette ID team for giving me this project and Gastromaquia restaurant for sponsored this review. Although this post is sponsored, below is my honest and objective review on their restaurant and their Christmas menu.

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Gastromaquia is one of restaurants in Senopati. They successfully open their first restaurant in Madrid, and the Spanish restaurant now come to Jakarta to open their next. The menu consists of many high quality ingredients on Spanish cuisine, like iberico ham, olive oil and cheese. They also received certificate from Trip Advisor for being Top 50 for three consecutive years.

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This restaurant is on my “go to” list for quite some time, their place is located on South side of Jakarta and i live on the opposite side of Jakarta which is like on another end of  the town. Their place is famous for being a great place to do your ootd shots. Their classic Minimalist background with cute decorations making a great canvas for your shots. They too provide fine dining experience for your Christmas dinner with your closest companion.

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For appetizers i choose this Iberico Ham & Rockets Salad. This is a perfect dish to start my dining experience with Gastromaquia. The iberico ham is savory and smoky, contrast with the dressing and cherry tomatoes that are more refreshingly sour. I honestly expect the rockets leaf to be bitterer, but turns out it was not that bitter and i was able to enjoy it more than i used to. The thinly sliced parmesan cheese too is adding some flavor to the whole dish.

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I choose Pan Fried Salmon with Asparagus Risotto and Parmesan Cheese foam. I have been craving for some salmon and i think it is getting fulfilled with this dish. The salmon is cooked just enough all the way through and the skin is crisp. It wasn’t fishy at all, although i hope to have more seasoning on the salmon because it is a little bland for my taste. Adding a little bit of chili flakes if you like spicy food will do the trick. Risotto texture is perfect and the asparagus is cooked well and tender enough to eat. I honestly don’t really get the why parmesan foam, but i guess it was to vary the texture the dish. But i hope for something crunchy like crackers more because this will make the dish ten out of ten for me.

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For accompany my meal, they make a special Christmas mock tail. You know that i love mock tail. And this Christmas-sy drinks is lifting my holiday spirit. I don’t really know what they put it in here, but i can tastes  lemon, a little bit of apple, maybe fig and herbs like rosemary. It tastes fantastic with a little bit of honey for sweetness.


Then for dessert, i choose this Pannacotta and Raspberries sauce. I love how smooth the pannacotta is. Creamy yet light. With the raspberry sauce adding more flavor and richness. The perfect ending for my fantastic meal with Gastromaquia.

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This is some menu that we ordered from their regular menu. Overall, they are tasty and filling. Some of them are Calamari Aglio Olio , Stuffed Chicken with dates and bacon, and Slow Braised Pork.

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Plus their place is so cozy. The ambience is great for meeting up with your friend. Chatting over great meals is what quality time is for me. Having growing farther away from my old friends because we had our own path and sometimes places like this is something that keeps the string of our friendship there.

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The only downside when you are dining in the second floor is that the staff is hardly not always there so it was a little difficult to ask for help when no one around.


Once again, thank you for Gastromaquia for bringing the dining experience all the way from Madrid and Clozette for the opportunity. Below are their social media accounts, so you check them out 😚.

Gastromaquia Jakarta
Jl Ciniru I No. 1, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Clozette ID
Elvina Samantha

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