Pork Cutlet from a restaurant in Narita Airport

So, last October I got a chance to visit japan. It was a really short trip because we only have two days to explore Tokyo. Which is like super brief? But don’t worry; you didn’t click on my blog for nothing because in 48 hours, we managed to stuff ourselves with enough Japanese delicacies to tell you what you should be eating when you are in Tokyo! So let’s get started.

  1. Ramen
Ramen from Ichiran Ramen Shibuya

A little bit cliché, but you need to get one bowl of ramen when you are here. You need to taste what an authentic ramen tastes like. There are over 30 kind’s varieties of ramen in japan, so it’s like a must to try it when you are here, in the motherland of ramen. Plus it’s really cold now in Tokyo, so what is more delightful than a hot bowl of noodle soup on your face.


  1. Everything Matcha


YES, EVERYTHING. You might be not a really fan of matcha, or Japanese green tea flavor, but believe me I am too. I am a tea addict, not necessary green tea, because I really enjoy a cup of tea that is fragrance and refreshing. But sometime green tea that I tasted in Jakarta is not exactly satisfying. For example, I avoid ordering green tea latte because I know most will taste like a watered down soap with sugar. Which is yuck? But since you in motherland of all things Japanese like Matcha, why don’t you try some? I found it more delectable than most matcha stuff I have been eating or drinking all my life.


Like this green tea latte from Dominique Ansel café. I found this drink very delicious and soothing. The green tea is fragrance and soothing enough without making the latte to much like soap. The latte it’s not too sweet, and tasted very smooth. Perfect for fall season.


  1. Gyukatsu
Gyukatsu from Motomura Gyukatsu

I learn that all the best places in Tokyo have one thing in common, which is the line of queuing people. You need to know how long we wait to eat on this place. We wait for almost two hours to eat this beautiful dish. I have to say, my feet keep asking me if it’s worth it to stand for two hours. But man, I got to say it is. The food, the taste, the ambiance is part of a perfect experience of dine in Japan. The meat is tender and flavorful; the rice is unexpectedly being a good companion to the whole meal. When you usually have a steak, you will expected to have a side dish like mash potato or fries to complete the meal. But the humble rice in this place is more than enough. I don’t know what does exactly differentiate rice from anywhere else in the world than the rice in Japan because they are simply better. At one point, I am almost certain that japan has the most delicious rice in the whole world.


  1. Cakes and desserts
Crepes stall at Harajuku

YAASS, oh my sweet Lord Jesus. Here’s why Japanese cakes and desserts are phenomenal. One, they are meticulous with details. Even the smallest details on the cake are carefully presented. This makes the desserts looks almost too pretty. Second, they are unique. Japanese are really creative with their crafts of dessert. Forget your pumpkin spice drinks; they have a charred marshmallow dessert with ice cream filling. How crazy is that? Is like taking a fried ice-cream game to another level. Your sweet tooth will be please.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

My favorite dessert is this delectable of cheesecake from Pablo in Akihabara and rustic melon bread from local bakeries in Shinjuku.

PABLO Chessecakes in Akihabara

Here’s several things that I able to explore in my 48-hours-trip in Tokyo. There’s definitely so many more things that I want to explore more in Tokyo, but until then I will be here in Jakarta waiting to my next trip to Japan.


Elvina Samantha

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