My Prespective : People’s opinion and The need of Relationship.

So, I’m pretty tired of some people perspective about the need of relationship right now. It’s okay if its stop at the perspective part, anyone is free to think or feel what they want as long it doesn’t harm others, but some people start stating their perspective or opinion like a universal truth that all of mankind have accepted.

and i was Just like, what the actual fuck man??


Okay, I’m may getting too harsh on the curse word, but you guys got my point. I’m writing this on my point of view to what people think about people should be in relationship, but what I just wrote above is something you can relate in many situations.

I see many people get put aside by society just because they are not fitted to their ideals as a accomplish individuals, when they have literally success written all over themselves. They have a fantastic job, great income, or even internationally recognize award. But all of these success become nothing when their didn’t have a partner yet or didn’t get married in their “marriage-able age”. Men and Women, but unfortunately is indeed usually harsher on the ladies. Like for example, miss A is having a great career, good steady income, doing fantastic job with great dedication.  But the society is like,”OMG, she’s almost forties but still doesn’t have partner to get married with. Why doesn’t she settle down? Must be something wrong with her.” Even someone quite young like me have their own preference too. If I don’t see someone that I want to be in relationship yet, why I have to be in one just because I’m “available”?

Like dear God, really? Really?

Why we, as an free individual, have to be in certain relationship just to somewhat “validate” yourself to the society?

This society is just a bunch of people that feel the same about something, and bigger in numbers doesn’t make everything they think or say became the truth that everyone should acknowledge. That’s only make what “the majority opinion” are.

I’m quite sure most of these amazing people that are single want to find someone suitable for them too. Not everyone lucky enough to find someone they want to stay with for the rest of their life quite early in their own lifetime. *cough* I mean “stayed with for the rest of their life” person is someone you like enough to date, not, don’t take my word as a whole thing and swallow it fellas. More or less you get what I mean.

When they didn’t find “the one” during the time that basically the society made by themselves, do they have to settle with anyone that are “available” and “willing” just to satisfy others ? So what? Does this mean we as a ‘free’ individuals have to live a certain way now? Where is the FREE means on this part?

Here’s what I really think about these opinions most people have.

Your opinion is like your private thing, if you have one, cool.

If you doesn’t have one, nice.

If you proud of it, good for you sweetie.

But when you bragging your private thing to others, pressing others to have the same thing because you thought is the best thing ever, that’s when we have a problem. There’s a very obvious line you can’t cross.

We lived for our own happiness, why we have to depend on others opinion to feel good about our own damn self? Some people may think have a soul mate is their ultimate happiness, but if you couldn’t find yours fast enough, why should you sit around waiting for them to make you happy ? It’s not the end of the world if you can make yourself happy and content. It’s not like becoming happy prevented yourself for finding the one.  Its only mean you appreciate yourself enough to know you deserve more love and happiness.



Elvina Samantha

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